This demo site uses several settings and 3rd party extension to show you all the available feature of Domus Organizer. However, since you won't find them in the package that you can download from our site, we created this summary page, so you can replicate the same demo content on your site as starting point.

ACL settings

As stated in the homepage, in this demo site we created two different agencies (Acme Agency and Domus Agency). Agents can see each other records, but they can only edit the records belonging to their agency, in other cases they have a read-only access.

Moreover only the owner of the agency can change the details of the agency, including per-agency permissions (disabled in this demo). For more info and several examples, please take a look at our documentation.

Third party extensions

Phoca Download

Phoca Download is a very popular extension that allows your users to directly download files from your site. After installing it, we loaded some demo content and then we enabled the content plugin.

Finally, we are using Phoca Download syntax inside a property field, so we can manage it directly inside Domus Organizer

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525,000 € - Rent
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